Katherine Roberts, an IABC Accredited Business Communicator, created Essence Communications in 2004 to provide service that is strategic, practical and effective. Our services and approach are based on these beliefs:

  • Taking a holistic view of the situation leads to new insights and the best solutions
  • The process and product are equally important – in fact, each can make the other more effective
  • We learn, create and achieve more when we do it together

We collaborate with our clients to make sure you get:

  • Effective use of your time
  • An opportunity to gain knowledge along the way
  • Great value for your money

Essence Communications draws on a network of colleagues who share our work ethic and dedication to customer service. Katherine plays a key role in all aspects of the work.

Finding the best solution for you

With over 25 years of experience, Katherine uses her business acumen, insight into issues and practical approach to develop the solutions that best meet client needs. She has supported organizations covering a broad range of goals in the public, private and NGO sectors. They encompass those with a focus on business growth, service improvement, economic development, health and wellness, and post-secondary education.

Katherine works effectively with people at all levels and has a keen ability to ask thoughtful questions, listen carefully and communicate effectively. Clients value Katherine’s authenticity, flexibility and collaborative approach, as well as her focus on results.

Prior to starting Essence Communications, Katherine worked at national insurer Maritime Life, managing the Corporate Communications department during the announcement and purchase of the company by Manulife Financial. That experience offered a new perspective, after having worked on the purchase side of three previous deals.

Living the lesson of learning

Katherine graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor of Public Relations. As a life-long learner, she also holds the following:

  • IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator
  • Certificate in Adult Education (St. Francis Xavier University)
  • Certificate in Leadership Development (St. Mary’s University)
  • Certification in Public Participation (International Association for Public Participation)
  • Certified Prosci® Change Management Practitioner
  • Accredited Business Communicator (IABC)