Our Approach

Our collaborative approach means you get the best solution, effective use of your time, knowledge transfer and great value.

Our Approach

step one

Needs Assessment

So you can focus resources on what will get the job done

Asking the right questions, listening carefully and doing our research are the foundation for this step. We’ll start with you and involve others to make sure we have the relevant information.

step one

Strategic advice and planning

The kind that guides you to make the best decisions and implement them effectively

What we learned informs the solution. We discuss what we discovered to improve the understanding we both have. Then we develop a realistic plan to make it happen. The plan is thoughtful and results-focused, considering your goals and resources.

You can count on our coaching and advice throughout implementation too.

step one

Practical implementation support and coaching

For the plan we’ve created together or one you have that needs additional resources

Sometimes you just need people to make it happen. We do that. We also work side-by-side with your people or other contractors as a cohesive team. We point out when it’s more efficient to have your own people do something – then the decision rests with you.

step one

Customer service and evaluation

Because we value our customers and take their success personally

Essence’s clients value our ability to keep work on track and “manage upward” – making their jobs easier and adding value for them and their organization. By providing service that is responsive and supports organizational goals, we’ll earn your confidence and develop a relationship built on mutual respect.

Throughout projects and at the end, we evaluate how things are going. It’s a step we build into the plan at the outset. This approach allows us to provide the best solutions to support your goals, from strategy, through solid, honest advice, to practical implementation.