Facilitation & Collaboration

Essence builds and facilitates collaborative processes to support planning, innovation and decision making.

Facilitation & Collaboration

Working with a facilitator is a great way to get results

  • Ensuring you get more done in your allotted time
  • Building knowledge and relationships
  • Allowing you to participate fully while someone else manages the process
  • Supporting change with engagement, professional facilitation and communications

We lay the groundwork for success before anyone enters the room. Essence works with you to understand the purpose of the group and the meeting, the people who will be in the room, potential issues and desired outcomes. These inform the facilitation planning. Then we keep groups involved and focused on outcomes, guiding them to their own “aha moments.”

We facilitate a broad range of meetings, processes and engagement sessions

  • Team formation and building
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Engagement of employees and other stakeholders in decision-making
  • Improving the effectiveness of recurring meetings
  • Mid- or post-project learning

Participants say . . .

“You made me think of things I hadn’t thought of before.”

“I had no idea we’d accomplish so much!”

“Great meeting. Really liked your process.”

Clients say . . .

“Katherine organized and facilitated several senior management planning sessions. These sessions, along with the preparatory and follow-up work, were always well organized, delivered on time, and on budget.”

“Katherine’s ability to see how all the pieces fit together is invaluable, as are her diverse talents. When she facilitated a measurement workshop, it helped us move things forward in an engaging and focussed manner.”

“Katherine has a great ability to capture what people are saying.”