Training & Coaching

Essence develops and delivers customized training for clients, as well as follow-up coaching for lasting change.

Training & Coaching

Training and coaching grows your team’s capacity

  • Building understanding of the work and one another
  • Increasing knowledge, skills and ability
  • Increasing their capacity to get things done
  • Raising morale and retention rates

Our work always starts with a discussion of your needs. Then we suggest a practical approach to needs assessment — a key step to ensure the right solution to support your goals. An effective needs assessment can uncover other obstacles to meeting your goals.

Essence Communications designs and delivers custom training for clients

  • Writing and editing, including plain language
  • Customer service
  • Simplifying forms

Essence Communications has experience developing customized training for companies and governments. Katherine has also lectured and taught at the post-secondary level and is accredited in Personality Dimensions®, a tool to understand personality temperament that is used internationally.

Learners say . . .

“The activities really made you see things differently.”

“The Exercises (are) great tools to understand the frame of mind a customer can be in and how they don’t convey what they are really trying to say and to read between the lines.”

Clients say . . .

“Katherine walked us through how to address (our) needs – and meet our own objectives – by tailoring a training program accordingly.  The result was a well-developed and well-received training program.”

“Katherine approached the project with a thorough needs assessment, which included a review of our current business and customer service practices, and industry standards. She also understood the challenges of training a group of participants with a wide range of experience levels, age and exposure to various media.”